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Cooler Weather on the Horizon

Cooler Weather on the Horizon

The past weekend's pleasant weather won't last for too much longer. A local high pressure system is keeping our skies clear for today, but will be swept offshore later in the afternoon. It will be replaced by a broad cold front, accompanied by strong storms. The front will reach us by tomorrow morning; as the boundary passes Boston, expect temperatures to plummet.

Elsewhere in the country, thunderstorms rage across most of the Midwest and southern Ontario, extending as far south as Texas. Rainfall is heaviest over the Great Lakes region, centered on a low pressure system above Michigan. By Thursday morning, the storm systems will have passed, and a new high pressure region will bring generally clear skies to the center of the country.

For now, the weather remains quite warm, with temperatures in the low eighties. Winds will strengthen considerably overnight ahead of the advancing front. Tomorrow, the lingering warm air mass will be sufficient for a daytime high around eighty, before cooler air behind the front produces an overnight low below fifty. The rising warm air will produce light rain and scattered thunderstorms throughout the Northeast. Expect Thursday to be much cooler than the recent summer-like weather.

Extended Forecast

Tonight: Clear, with brisk winds. Low 65°F (18°C).

Tomorrow: Scattered cloud cover, breezy. High 79°F (26°C).

Tomorrow night: Light rain and scattered thunderstorms. Low 49°F (9°C).

Thursday: Cooler, with some lingering showers. High 61°F (16°C).

Friday: Overcast, light rain. High 63°F (17°C).