Approved Undergraduate Association Executive Committee Members

Source: Ruth Miller '07, Outgoing UA Vice President

The following Undergraduate Association Senate officers and committee chairs were appointed during the last few UA Senate meetings.

* also The Tech's business manager

** also The Tech's technology director

Senate Speaker Irina Shklyar '09
Senate Vice Chair Jason C. Forte '09
Senate Representative to UA Finance Board Michael A. Bennie '10
Senate Representative to UA Executive Committee Steven M. Kelch '08
Undergraduate Representative to UA Finance Board Cokie Hu '08 *

Randall C. Shults '10

Treasurer Lucia T. Tian '08
Secretary General Alice A. Chiang '08
Chief for Information Technology Mason Tang '10
Athletics Peter A. Lamb '08, chair

Samuel A. Jasinski '08, vice chair

Dining Christopher K. Hoffman '08, chair
Educational Policy Daniel B. Denis '08, chair

Shreyes Seshasai '08, vice chair **

Finance Board No one approved as of last night
Housing Mandi D. Holmes '08, chair

Eric S. Cortez '08, vice chair

Nominations Raffaela L. Wakeman '08, chair

Ada Lipkin '08, vice chair

Orientation Akil J. Middleton '08, chair
Public Relations Brittany A. Holland-Marcus '10, chair

Charles D. DeRobertis '09, vice chair

Resource Development Sophia Lee '08, chair

Aarthi Ramarathnam '08, vice chair

Space Planning Jessica N. Sundberg '08, chair
Student Life Zahir A. Dossa '08, chair
Sustainability Austin L. Oehlerking '08, chair

Kendra D. Johnson '09, vice chair

Judical Board Anthony C. Rizos '09

Irene Lee '10

Syed Sarwar Hassan '10