Police Log

The following incidents were reported to the MIT Police between April 24 and May 7, 2007. This summary does not include incidents such as false alarms, general service calls, larcenies, or medical shuttles.

Apr. 24: M7 (77 Mass. Ave.), 4:38 p.m., Reporting person reports a suspicious person in office; individual had left area upon MIT Police arrival.

Apr. 25: W20 (84 Mass. Ave.), 2:07 a.m., A report of a suspicious person in the TV room; party was given a trespass notice.

Apr. 26: CP (32 Hereford St.), 4:28 p.m., Party report an altercation between himself and roommate; police dispatched and report to follow.

E2 (70 Amherst St.), 5:02 p.m., Party witnessed white male breaking into vehicle across the street from Senior House; vandalized car, iPod stolen.

Apr. 27: W4 (320 Memorial Dr.), 3:24 p.m., Report of a suspicious male who knocked on the student's door looking for a campus phone.

Apr. 28: W83 (550 Memorial Dr.), 10:34 a.m., Breaking and entering; tickets taken out of his room.

M14S, 2:42 p.m., Female stopped in library given trespass warning; routine check and inquiry.

Apr. 30: M4 (182 Rear Memorial Dr.), 10:27 a.m., MIT Police take report of annoying e-mails.

M16 (21 Rear Ames St.), 11:17 a.m., Caller states she was in women's bathroom on the first floor of Bldg. 16; when she walked out of the stall she noticed a man jump up and look the other way.

W20 (84 Mass. Ave.), 2:26 p.m., Detective takes report of harassing phone calls.

M3 (33 Mass. Ave.), 2:31 p.m., Online fraud by check through craigslist.

May 1: 518 Beacon St., 9:58 a.m., Bicycles stolen when unknown person entered through window the night before.

May 2: M54 (21 Rear Ames St.), 7:32 a.m., Breaking and entering nighttime no force; larceny of laptop.

May 4: M3 (33 Mass. Ave.), 2 p.m., Breaking and entering no force; projector stolen.

May 5: W79 (229 Vassar St.), 4:54 p.m., Report of a domestic disturbance.

May 7: M3 (77 Mass. Ave.), 2:06 p.m. Breaking and entering; projector stolen.