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Looking Past the Finish Line

Looking Past the Finish Line

Our recent bit of un-springlike weather seems partially responsible for a creeping malaise spreading through the normally cheerful New England population. I noticed that I was getting progressively grumpier, but I hadn't realized how bad it was until I read a Metro reader's letter to the editor calling for serious harm to befall Puxatawney Phil: the adorable ball of fur that symbolically determines our climatic fate.

I was up in New Hampshire this past Sunday and was greeted by several inches of the kind of snow that's perfect for creating snowmen and packing into snowballs to pelt neighborhood children who dare mess with that sculpture. It was an idyllic scene, but as I sat there enjoying the peaceful stillness of the winter landscape, I looked at the calendar. It was the middle of April: instead of a bearded fat man wearing red and bearing gifts, we've got a bespectacled, skinny tax agent in a dark suit out for our wallets.

The Nor'easter that walloped the area left some amazing pictures of flooding: the combination of lots of rain, high winds, and high tide came together to wreak havoc in coastal towns. For Boston, the storm recorded about 2.5 inches (roughly 6 cm) of rain at Logan Airport. As the wind dies down and the ground dries out, I am pleased to announce that the word "sunny" appears in every single forecast this issue (well, just the daytime forecasts, but you probably could have guessed that).

Today: Sunny. High 57°F (13°C).

Tonight: A little less windy. Low 43°F (6°C).

Tomorrow: Sunny. High 63°F (17°C).

Tomorrow night: Clear, still cool. Low 42°F (5°C).

Sunday: Sunny. High 65°F (18°C).

Sunday night: A few clouds. Low 47°F (8°C).

Monday: Mostly sunny. High 75°F (23°C).

Monday night: Some clouds. Low 52°F (11°C).