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Melting Away the Winter

Melting Away the Winter

Fairly tranquil weather is in store for the first weekend of the spring season in Cambridge. We will be under the influence of a high pressure system today and tomorrow, keeping skies clear and temperatures seasonal. A developing low pressure system will skirt to our south on Saturday night and Sunday, potentially close enough to give us some light snow or rain showers. However, it is most likely that we will just see an increase in cloud cover.

Those traveling away from the Northeast today or this weekend may run into some stormy weather, depending on the destination. The cold front that passed through the Northeast last night stalls today in the Ohio river valley and Mid-Atlantic, serving as a focus for heavy rain there over the next few days. Separate storm systems will bring precipitation to the Southwestern states and to the Pacific Northwest. At least Florida and the adjacent Gulf and Atlantic coasts will stay dry and warm through the weekend, for those vacationing at these traditional spring break havens.

Extended Forecast

Tonight: Clear and calm. Low 32°F (0°C).

Tomorrow: Sunny, but cool. High 45°F (7°C).

Tomorrow night: Increasing clouds, chance of light snow or rain showers. Low 32°F (0°C).

Sunday: Mostly cloudy, slight chance of rain showers. High 46°F (8°C).