Institute Wisdom Watch

By The Tech Editorial Board E-mail Failure: Gmail saves the day. — thumbs down

Rumors of B-C Kitchen Removal: Why is everything a tentative proposal until it happens? (Hint to the administration: “Trust us” won’t work forever.) — thumbs down

Sloan Dean Selection: Why is Carly Fiorina on the selection board? — thumbs down

Uncontested Class Council Elections: It’s really hard to have a popularity contest when there’s no contest. — thumbs down

UAP/VP Debate: Enough hot air to heat the Institute for a week. — thumbs down

Nothing on the Dome: Hockfield, this is all your fault. — thumbs down

Class of 2011: 1000 new Facebook friends. — thumbs up

UROP Funding: Will soon be guaranteed for financial aid recipients. That’s a lot of burritos. — thumbs up