Manmohan and Funakoshi

Manmohan and Funakoshi

Manmohan and Funakoshi said that they believe they can bring a fresh perspective to the UA because neither has been directly involved in the UA administration.

“Being outsiders, we’re more worried about what the UA does for the undergraduates,” said Funakoshi.

Manmohan and Funakoshi said that they are the best ones for the job because as the only “outsiders” to the UA, they bring a unique perspective to this council. “I feel that we can bring a lot of passion to this job,” added Manmohan.

“We are more in tune with what the undergraduate population wants,” said Funakoshi.

They also said they believe that the UA student representatives should work closely with the administration to “lay out all objectives and avoid misunderstandings.”

Manmohan and Funakoshi said they are also concerned with decisions being made with little student input and knowledge of the situation.

“Often, we hear about administrative decisions after the fact,” said Manmohan. “What’s important is having meetings and discussions” to avoid the problem of administrators making decisions without student opinions being heard.