Holmes and Wyne

Holmes and Wyne

“I feel that there are a lot of inefficiencies and problems with the UA and I’d like to reform them,” Holmes said. Wyne pointed out that “some people don’t even know the UA exists. … we really want to make this the student body’s association. It’s about pushing the agenda of the students.” Both emphasized the need for change within the UA.

The important thing, they believe, is empowering the students. Holmes and Wyne feel that there is a “growing disconnect” between elected leaders and the students they represent. They hope to reconnect the representatives with the students by “putting a face on the UA.”

“Over the past week and a half, I’ve met with so many people, members of fraternities, sororities, groups from east campus, west campus, just to clarify the views and establish our priorities,” said Holmes.

The role of the UA and how it is viewed by students are also of concern to Holmes and Wyne. The UA is “dealing with a lot of bureaucratic issues that students don’t really care about. I’d really like to turn the focus to students and make sure that the UA really does represent them,” said Holmes.

Contacts within the administration are also crucial, according to Holmes and Wyne.

“I have a lot of contacts within the administration, ranging from the academic deans to the dean for student life,” said Wyne.

Both Holmes and Wyne have experience in the UA and class councils and feel that their experiences as UA Senators for Macgregor and Burton Connor, respectively, will come in handy if they are elected. Familiarity with the job reflects dedication, they added.