Institute Wisdom Watch

Hunger Strike Ends; Sherley Blinks First: Legal Sea Foods beats dying defiantly outside Provost's office. — thumbs down

A Jewish View, A Muslim View: Wait, where's the Jewish view? — thumbs down

Biodiesel for Tech Shuttles: Mmm ... fries. — thumbs up

Ying Yang Twins: Wait till you see their show. — thumbs up

MIT Admins Respond to Hacker Case: Almost too little, not quite too late. Don't let it happen again. — sideways

MIT Police: Thanks, you've got the police part down. Now who do you work for again? — thumbs down

Brass Rat "Controversy": Really, find something better to do. — thumbs down

Gore's Still Not Running for President: Damn that Oscars music. — thumbs down