Institute launches $5 billion comprehensive campaign

Called the MIT Campaign for a Better World, the initiative has already garnered $2.6 billion from more than 77,000 donors.

The MIT Campaign for a Better World, launched today, seeks to raise $5 billion that will go to funding development of six key pillars. Courtesy of MIT Campaign for a Better World

New House faces possible destruction

New House will need to be “thoroughly repaired or demolished,” DormCon President Kate Farris ’17 said in an email.


Admins respond to students’ drug policy criticisms

There is no “vast difference” between the way that drugs and alcohol are treated under MIT’s Good Samaritan Policy, Kevin Kraft, the Director of Student Citizenship, said.

Paul W. Kalebu ’17 participates in Alpha Phi's annual King of Hearts male beauty pageant last Saturday in Walker Memorial. Daniel Mirny—The Tech

Thirty-five percent of freshman class declares Course 6

Overall, 70.2 percent of the Class of 2019 enrolled in the School of Engineering, 19.9 percent in the School of Science, 2.2 percent in the Sloan School of Management, 1 percent in the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, 0.6 percent in the School of Architecture and Planning. A final 6.1 percent have yet to declare.


EECS announces new curriculum

The department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science has announced a new curriculum that has been approved for EECS majors in the class of 2020.


MIT wins Putnam Competition for third year in a row

The winning team consisted of Mark Sellke ’17, Bobby Shen ’17, and David Yang ’17, who were chosen ahead of time to represent MIT. The teams from Carnegie Mellon, Princeton, Stanford, and Harvard all trailed MIT, ranking second, third, fourth, and fifth, respectively.

Affiliated links FSILGs and LGBT groups at MIT

Affiliated seeks to fill the void at the intersection of FSILGs and the LGBT groups at MIT with the objectives of advocacy and community building.

Team of grad students lobby congress for science funding

The group spoke with congresspeople and staff members from the offices of 32 Republicans and 29 Democrats. Topics of discussion ranged from the impact of science and technology on the national economy to specific, local issues.


Addressing recommendations for inclusivity

Since December, we have had the exciting opportunity to work together in a historic collaboration of students and senior administration to consider the recommendations for a healthier and more inclusive MIT community.

The UK is stronger in Europe

The U.K. is the third largest member of the EU and one of its most important voices. Yet many advocates for “Brexit,” Britain’s exit from the EU, are trying to convince the citizenry that leaving is necessary.

A reflection from within the LGBTQ community

I am proud of my capacity for love. I never would have thought that a community of straight people who could not empathize with my experience could serve as my rock.


Softball to head to College World Series

Softball is headed to its first College World Series appearance (NCAA Final 8 to be held in Salem, VA) after defeating WPI 2-0 in a best-of-three series in the NCAA Super Regional championship.

Cycling clinches conference championship

Alexandra Marshall '16 talks pitching, statistics and teamwork

Marshall holds the school record for most strikeouts in program history. She talks about scouting opponents, reliance on data, battling Type I diabetes, and reveals her favorite pitcher and the baseball team she roots for in this interview with The Tech.

Campus Life

Reflections of a BSU Co-Chair

Every BSU Co-Chair had at least one major innovation during their tenure, and I had no idea what mine would be. Then came the wave of events across college campuses such as the University of Missouri, Yale University, and Ithaca College.

Anita Horn

Haley Cope